"Night Mother"

By Marsha Norman


Thelma Cates- Tina Ward

Jessie Cates- Martina Ryan



Director- Coman Keaveny

Stage Manager- Patricia Comer

Set Design- Coman Keaveny

Lighting- Declan Walsh

Sound- Stephen Burke

Set Construction- David Burke, Nigel Cassidy, John Reilly

Make-Up- Tracey Comer

Props- Martina Keaveny, Anna Flaherty

Stage Crew- Matt Devane, Mickie Maloney, Aiden Burke, Nicholas Conneally, Vernon Keaveny



A daughter and her mother play out a psychological drama that is the culmination of a lifetime of poor communication and limited understanding. Laced with humour and a bit of the macabre, the play runs continuously in real time – the time the characters live through is equal to the running of the play. Jessie is going to kill herself and there is little or nothing Mama can do about it?